Hwyl fawr.

Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to close Tel Cymru and to focus our efforts on running our local business telecom company in Pembrokeshire. Running a home phone & broadband service in Wales has been challenging but thoroughly enjoyable, and we really hope that you have enjoyed the benefits that our one-to-one personal service has provided.

Existing customers - you need to find a new provider to take over your home phone line & broadband. We are releasing you from your contract with immediate effect and will do everything we can to assist you in changing over to the new supplier. Once you’ve chosen a supplier, you can tell them that you wish for them to take over your line. Give them your Tel Cymru home phone number and postcode, and they’ll be able to place an order to take over the line within around 2 weeks.

Customers have been sent further details via e-mail, but any enquiries can be directed to the contact details below.

Tel: 0800 987 1230
E-mail: hello@tel.cymru